Grioteks world part 3

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This week started with the players as members of squad 8 of C Company. They had been set up as the main defenders of the planetary enclave by Kaltos. The demolitions section of the Tech-guard were sent out to booby trap the city and the remainder of the forces were set to act as reserves.

The squad was set up in a four floored block of flats on the edge of the defended area. They set up their squad heavy stubber on the top floor along with their Sargent while the rest of the squad started to barricade the main entrance while their tech set up the builds lift as an escape pod. The first appearance of the Tyranids was the thunderous sound of their approach and the sound of booby traps being set off. Troopers quickly moved to the front of the building on the take up firing positions on the second and third floor. A solitary trooper was left to man the barricade.

It was this trooper who first opened fire at a figure which ran towards the building from across the road. Once the figure was downed it was found that it was one of the surviving demolitions team he didn't have much time to ruminate on his error as a horde of tyranids poured from across the road. The troopers and the stubber quickly open fire and for a while managed to hold the tide of Aliens back, however, the fire had to be redirected to deal with creatures leaping across the road allowing some of the ground based creatures to get through.

The barricade was quickly abandoned a their weren't enough people to hold it and the defenders quickly pulled back to the stairwell lead by the Sargent. The building started to come under fire from creatures in the building opposite but to little effect due to the range and cover provided by the windows.

The squad managed to hold the stairs for a while while ammunition held, however creatures started to scale the outside of the building and got into the building via windows they quickly killed one of the squad and engaged two more. Meanwhile the heavy stubber continued to keep the creatures back until the wave of creatures finally started to dissipate. The heavy gun continued to pound on the attacking creatures both on the ground and in the opposite buildings until it was silenced by a jam. The gunner pulled back to the lift along with the surviving trooper from the lower floor. Meanwhile the remainder of the squad continued to pull back up the stairs making the enemy pay for every step.

Eventually there was no further to go and the squad was backed into the lift. The Tech activated the system he had installed earlier and the life plummeted to the ground crushing several monsters trying to climb the shaft. As the doors opened the squad fired into the horde of creatures in the buildings lobby decimating them. The surviving enemies charged into the lift badly wounding the Sargent before being beaten back, several creatures dropped onto the Roof of the lift and one drove a spiked arm into the shoulder of one of the squad before the heavy stubber shredded the roof and the creatures on it.

Finally all the silent, the squad had held off the attackers first wave, but more were to come.

Kaltos reported his troops success to the Orpheus and once the shuttle had returned a plan was put in place to recapture the planetoid. A squadron of fighters lead by Seigfried were sent down to clear the landing bay which they did but caused significant collateral damage to the area. The shuttle managed to land and quickly significant reinforcements were landed consisting of the elite guard contingent, Tristan's bodyguard and G and H Companies. While this occurred the defending forces came under attack again from a second wave of attackers, one again they held out although both B and C companies took heavy casualties. Kaltos managed to reactivate the defense gun on the tunnel into the engineers guild, although several were destroyed some continued firing until they had exhausted all 20000 rounds of their ammunition supply.

As the fighter attack had damaged the lift out of the landing bay scouts were sent to locate new routes into the planetoid. They quickly came across a major passageway through which a horde of tyranids were passing, the monsters seemed single minded in their determination to get to their objective and they ignored the scouts. The fresh troops decided to reduce the number of foes by using their heavy weapons to bring down the tunnel on their enemies. There attempt was only partially successful killing many aliens by alerting a good proportion of the Horde to their position. The creatures charged the human line but their attack quickly faltered and they fled back down the tunnel into the mines below the city. Meanwhile the creatures that had already bypassed the ambush continued to their objective. These creatures burrowed into the engineers guild bypassing the defenders their while a third wave of creatures assaulted the defenders drawing out the last of their reserves. In desperation Kaltos lead the bodyguard against the new force and tried to push them back.

The vehicles of H company quickly caught up with the Tyranid forces in the tunnel and attacked them from the rear. Forced into a confined area by the tunnel the aliens were crushed before the imperial vehicles and Kaltos's forces and were quickly overrun. With the new forces moving up the tunnel the third and final wave of Tyranid forces were quickly driven back.

I took a further 3 months of fighting before the whole of the mine complex was cleared and it is likely that all of the planetoid will ever be fully clear of the Tyranids but Tristan decided to occupy the city and plunder it for its technological and mineral wealth.