Grioteks world part 1

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After several months of searching with the aid of Grimm, the Orpheus located him home a planet called Grioteks world. The planet was relatively small and positioned close to a bloated red star, it was tidally locked with its parent star so that one side constantly facing the sun was a lake of molten rock while the other side was a more balmy 200oC.

After some scanning, a large underground city was located in the depths of the planet and a large entry way located. The door, easily 10 meters thick of reinforced metal, appeared to be prised back and the interior of the planet exposed to the boiling temperatures outside. A troop shuttle was sent down from the Orpheus with forces including Tristan herself, Kaltos, Cain and Grimm along with a number of troops such as John, Jax and Orayn.

The docking bay was open to space and only had the planets weak gravity: it held two other shuttles both destroyed; one seemed to have exploded and and other was melted to the deck. There were signs of fighting with the walls pitted with bullet holes and las-burns. There were several small exits from the hangar but they seemed to have all been destroyed; the only exit seemed to be a large service elevator at the back of the deck which still functioned even after several hundred years of disuse.

The elevator was pressurized and provided a more comfortable level of gravity allowing the party to advance further into the city. There were further signs of pitched battles but no sign of any bodies from either side of the conflict. Grimm lead the team through the city, some routes had been collapsed or were open to space, making the trip time consuming. After two hours or so the party came to the main habitation areas of the city. Once again there were signs of fighting but no bodies.

The party located a communication station in the city which appeared to not have been totally destroyed. The room had been barricaded off from the main part of the city and the barricade did not seem to have been breached. Unfortunately when the boarders tried to cross the barricade they found mines built into the structure, luckily Kaltos managed to defuse it before anyone was hurt. Beyond the barricade the team found a roughly-dug tunnel leading further into the planet.

After a quick inspection the team called down more troops from the Orpheus to further explore the city. The Mechanicus forces on the ship installed a partial shield system in the hangar which allowed easier access to the city although the journey from the ship to the city itself still took several hours.

Over the next week the forces from the Orpheus continued to explore the city, which they found to be split into 4 sections: the main body of the city seemed to be mostly clear although it had clearly been a battleground and several sections were sealed off or booby-trapped. The fortress at the centre of the city which Grimm explained had been the land of the Hearthguard, the city's elite soldiers and the ruler of the city was well sealed behind thick walls making any entrance extremely difficult. The mines were currently unexplored for fear of what creatures might sleep there. The team put most of their efforts to breaching the Engineering Guild complex where the most useful technology might be found.

The guilds defences in the shape of automated sentry guns were still active and lead to many casualties among the boarders before Kaltos managed to get a servo skull close enough to disarm them. The Guild was found to have had several layers of defences but it appears that the Tyranids had managed to bypass most of the them by tunnelling past them. The Guild area itself seemed relatively untouched by the fighting and the Warp plasma reactor which powered most of the city was still functional after all of these years.

A distress call was received from one of the squads exploring and sealing the tunnels dug by the Tyranids, claiming that they had been caught in a rock fall and that they had something that the command crew needed to see. The crew cautiously approached with a large body guard including a murder servitor. The team found the officer in charge of the squad standing by a large rock fall however Kaltos noticed that the man and his squad seemed to floating and appeared to have something attached to the back of his head. As he called out a warning, numerous snake-like creatures broke from the walls and attacked the squad causing several casualties. Tristan ordered a fighting retreat back the way they had come, but the bulk of the murder servitor blocked their way. Cain disobeyed orders charging forward towards the officer and his men, finding them to be controlled by an amorphous Tyranid creature via tentacles attached to their heads: disgusted he incinerated the controlled crewmen with his flamer and set the creature on fire. The rest of the team following Tristan's orders and slowly backed down the corridor in a square formation. Once they left the immediate area the attacks from the snake creatures ceased. Cain was cut off from the main party by the snake creatures but once he had killed the blob creature he ran back and his blessed armour protected him from their attacks.

Once out of danger Tristan found that Tyranid creatures were attacking the city from several tunnels. Some had already been sealed but others were still open and enemies were pouring out of them. He quickly organized for his reserves to attempt to seal the remaining tunnels. Then word came in that the Orpheus itself was under attack. A large object from the planet itself had attached itself to the ship. Its flight had been noticed by the crew but the guns prepared to attack it had unexpectedly exploded when fired causing internal damage. The Object had impacted on the hull and burrowed into the ship, and contact with that area of the ship had been quickly lost. The bulkheads to that area had been sealed and could not be opened by the ships crew. In addition an explosion had occurred in the chapel on the ship killing many and spreading confusion. Tristan ordered the majority of the crew to their quarters until the saboteurs were located and the military forces on the ship were stationed outside of the sealed area.

It was found that all members of the Despised cult on the ship had gone missing and it was believed that they may be behind the sabotage on the ship. Fighters were sent out from the ship to try and remove the attacking craft, the squadron attacked cutting off most of the creature outside the hull but causing damage to the Orpheus in the process.

Grimm claimed that he could use the warp plasma generator to electrify parts of the city and prevent the Tyranids advancing further and headed to the engineers guild, Tristan not trusting him and fearing he might be something rash sent Kaltos and some troops after him. When confronted Grimm drew a gun and was badly wounded by the troops as they defended themselves.

Tristan, John and Cain headed to the largest breach to rally the fighters there while Jax, Kaltos and Orayn took Grimm to an improvised medical facility to have his wounds treated. Tristan and his companions arrived at the breach to see the defenders pinned down behind their barricades and about to be overwhelmed. Cain charged over the defences and started to cut a path towards the tunnel mouth. Meanwhile Tristan rallied the defenders and started to lead a charge to drive the attackers back and John defended one of the barricades. Tristan's charge was met by a further wave of monsters including a larger warrior form which engaged him in a sword duel, his power sword verses its psychic bone swords. Cain held the tunnel entrance while his troops set up explosives and blocked the tunnel although he took severe wounds from a Genestealer in the process. Tristan eventually prevailed against the warrior and one of its swords was shattered on the floor before he stabbed it though the chest ending its life.

The rest of the part questioned Grimm originally believing him to be a hybrid or under the control of the Genestealers. He was only semi-concious but denied their allegations claiming that he must destroy his home to prevent it being desecrated any further and insisting that he was to blame for the Tyranids destroying his people. He then lapsed into unconsciousness, the medics claiming he would likely die within a few hours. Further scans indicated he was generating a significant psychic energy field.

At present, all known entrances to the city that the Tyranids are using have been sealed although a number of creatures still seem to be at large in the city. An unknown number of creatures have boarded the Orpheus and the defensive troops cannot yet reach them. Tristan has given the order to arm the majority of the crew of the ship but several of the armouries are found to have been stripped and there has been a mass outbreak of poisoning.

Personnel break down

Type Active Wounded Missing / Dead
Military 900 300 200
Civilian 600 200 200
Military 3000 1000 100
Civilian 19000 300 1000