Gourmand System

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A small system located in Ultima Segmentum on the easter fringe, the Gourmand system is made up of three planets, Gourmand Alpha, Gourmand Beta and Gourmand Delta. According to Imperial Records, Gourmand Beta is the only fully settled planet in the system.

Gourmand Alpha

A small rocky planetoid close to the Blue-white star that lights the system, Gourmand Alpha is inhabited by a small imperial communications station. Crewed by about 100 naval personel this station is little more than a deep space auger array attached to a small hab shelter. The planet's rotation and close orbit means constant waves of searing sunlight alternate with freezing cold temperatures across its surface.

Gourmand Beta

basic strategic map of Gourmand Beta

Serving as food producer to multiple worlds in it's sub-sector, Gourmand Beta is an Imperial agri world. Much of the planet is given over to agriculture of one form or another. Most of the planet is given over to various crops, from bio-engineered seasonal cereals to hill-grox, although a few scattered prometheium wells provide fuel for the multitude of farm vehicles used across it's surface


The Planetary capital is based around the remains of The Atmospheric processor. Originally designed to throw out oxygen and nitrogen in order to prepare the planet for supporting human life, it has since been converted to keep the atmosphere clean and perfectly balanced for crop production. All the food produced on the planet is processed for off-world shipment here, passing from the Mag-Levs through the cargo processors and into the spaceport.

Thuring is not officially a hive city, although it grows quite tall and quite far underground in an effort to minimize it's footprint on the ground.


The smallest of the cities on the planet, Jovan is the most "industrial", almost all the planets farm equipment and machines are made and maintained here, from cropduster-modified Maruders and Thunderbolts to massive combine harvesting machines that reach 3 stories high.


Located in a large bay that acts as a natural harbour, this city acts as a hub for the vast fishing fleets that trawl the oceans catching fish and other sea creatures that populate the seas. Ships process their catch here before it's loaded onto the Cargo trains bound for the spaceport.


A typical small city, there isn't of much to note about Raskie, it acts as hub for the Northern Territory, shipping fuel and supplies to the outlying settlements.

Thuring Spaceport/Operations Base

The planet's only spaceport, Thuring Spaceport is centered around a massive granite butte that has been converted into the main spaceport building, housing cargo bays, maintenance facilities, hangers and the control facilities. This butte is surrounded by fields of rockcrete landing areas, allowing it to service the large transports that transfer the food into the holds of waiting mass conveyers

In the few weeks since the guard have arrived, they've started to transform the spaceport into an operations base. Filling cargo bays with promethium and ammo, setting up rudimentary barracks in some of the smaller hangers and reinforcing the perimeter wall with excavated earth.

Gourmand Delta

Gourmand Delta is a large gas giant, similar in size to Neptune, the only thing of note is a small delapidated beacon, proclaming proudly over vox that this planet has been claimed in the name of House Samaha of Kar Duniash. Messages sent to Kar Duniash report no knowlage of a House Samaha.