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Large Magical Beast


Hit Dice: 8d10+16 (60 hp)

Initiative: +4

Speed: 30 ft., climb 15 ft.

AC: 18 (-1 size, +4 Dex, +5 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 14

Attacks: Bite +13 melee and 2 claws +11 melee

Damage: Bite 2d8+6, claw 1d4+3

Face/Reach: 10 ft. /10 ft.

Special Attacks: Fear aura, great leap

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., Evasion, Lowlight Vision, Masterful Dodge, Quicken

Saves: Fort +8, Ref +12, Will +3

Abilities: Str 23, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 9

Skills: Balance +6, Climb +14, Jump +33, Tumble +15

Feats: Dodge, Lightning Reflexes, Multiattack

Climate/Terrain: Warm forest

Organization: Solitary, pack (5-20) or troop (21-40)

Challenge Rating: 5

Treasure: None None

Alignment: Usually chaotic neutral

Advancement: 9-12 HD (Large); 13-24 HD (Huge)

Level Adjustment: -

These carnivorous cousins of the ape are fiercely territorial marauders. They obsessively prowl the jungle, attacking anything that enters the area they claim.

A gambol is a baboon-like primate that stands 9 feet tall and weighs more than 1,000 pounds. Its purple skin is covered with dense, silky, blue hair. A gambol has elongated jaws and a hairless, dog-like muzzle.


Gambols tumble into Combat, clawing and biting their foes. They take advantage of their reach to grapple and trip advancing foes. Their constant manoeuvring makes them difficult targets for foes attacking from a distance.

Fear Aura (Su): When a gambol howls, every creature within a 100-foot radius must succeed at a Will save (DC 13) or become panicked for 1d6+1 rounds. Whether or not the save is successful, the creature is then immune to that gambol’s howl for 24 hours. The howl is a sonic, mind-affecting fear effect.

Great Leap (Ex): A gambol gains a +25 bonus on Jump checks. Maximum distance restrictions do not apply to its jumps.

Evasion (Ex): A gambol that makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an effect that would normally deal half damage instead avoids damage altogether.

Quickness (Su): Although not particularly dexterous, a gambol is supernaturally quick. It can take an extra attack or move action each round, either before of after its normal action.

Masterful Dodge (Ex): As a free action once per round, a gambol can dodge one ranged weapon attack, one reach melee weapon attack, or one spell that requires an attack roll by making a successful Reflex save (DC 20). An attack using a weapon with an enhancement bonus increases the save DC by the amount of the bonus, and a spell adds its spell level to the save DC. To use this ability, the gambol must be aware of the attack and not be flat-footed.