Food riots in Tagraad

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Although many attribute the Cult of the Dragon as being the instigators of the riots in Tagraad, they only provided a lit match to a city that was already a tinderbox.

For several months, grain merchants from outside Tagraad had refused to sell to the city. It's unclear why, but many merchants believe that a trade war was started deliberately with the merchants of Taldan, after Tagraad suffered a terrible harvest that depleted their grain stores. Although the Cult of the Dragon is blamed for firing the grain stores, it appears more likely those responsible were malcontents or those in the pay of the Taldanians.

The various dockside gangs, with links to the Teamsters' Guild and the Shadow Government, were already in a fractious state and there had already been pitched battles. When it looked like food shipments to the hungry populace had been delayed by the city's rulers, the city exploded in several nights and days of violence. The City Watch, already hard-pressed, were quickly forced to cordon parts of the town until the fighting ceased. It was during this time that the Cult of the Dragon were exposed, and had to defend themselves.