First Day At Work

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Well, what with winding down the old business and doing the basic training the NEG give you I was knackered. It was pretty much a relief to actually start work. I knew it was not going to be a picnic but I had high hopes.

I guess a little background might help make more sense of this. One of the NEG operatives Johansen Bartlette had been doing something out in the Badlands and met an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) coming the other way. Then he got shot up so bad that he is very, very lucky to be still drawing breath. The team was almost wiped out but they managed to get their two casualties out. The living tree, people stitched together into an elder horror creature, escaped. They did manage to shoot one of the priests in the head and stop some summoning something but not without a little bit of trouble. Hence me being here.

I showed up a little bit early. I know, too keen but I just can't help it.

And then the test of them showed up. Well what can I say. A very mixed bunch. A Nazzadi with loads of clan tattoos. Drebin, I think he said his name was. A rather odious human who was constantly fondling his gun, OJ Simpson. More of him later. A total soldier, <insert name here>, his jeans were ironed with a perfect crease. Weird. And Aya Brea a slightly intense human woman. She looked hot and by that I mean she seemed just a tad warmer than the room. Not quite sure what her story is. Maybe she will tell me?

So all in all a pretty unusual bunch. I think the government is starting to get desperate. Just my thoughts but with this load? What other conclusion can you draw? Exactly.

So we are then met by Agent Smith our liason officer. He told us that a couple of Nazzadi have been found killed in the Leith arcology. The really strange bit is that one of the Nazzadi has got Aya's phone number as the last call dialed. Now that is very strange. She claimed to now know who they were but there was a hint she was not being 100% honest with us. Agent Smith then told us to go and find out exactly what had happened. He also mentioned that the Hitachi gang had some of the it's safe houses blown away. Just guns and things no occult horrors but still.

Aya called the police officers who had contacted the HUB to find out where they were. She still seemed very confused as to why they knew her. With a location we trooped out in the Saracen people carrier thing. Like a very slightly armoured truck. But with most of the armour missing. I heard tell that the last vehicle they had met with an RPG in a bad way. I think they should try to avoid doing things like that. But maybe it was unavoidable. I digress.

We reached the Leith arcology and met with the police people that Aya had called from the The Basement. We met Donaldson and <insert name here> and they explained the situation. Two Nazzadi had been found stuffed into some underground pipes. The locals had realised something was wrong when the street got so very badly flooded. I mean I had seen the rain but this street was unbelievable. And this was after the majority of the water had drained away. The officers showed us the Peek with Aya's number on it. She did not seem any the wiser as to why either of the Nazzadi would be trying to call her.

Aya and I decided to look at the bodies. OJ Simpson, Drebin and John decided that getting wet in the sewer system seemed like a good idea. Whatever.

The bodies had simply been beaten up to death. But the hands and feet seemed to have been struck with super human strength which had shattered the bones there. Yuck. The torsos had been used as punching bags and almost all of the peoples ribs had been broken. Whatever did this was very strong. Way beyond human. We took pictures of the bodies and started the face matching process. The detectives has their names we just needed to see if we could find them.

In the sewers OJ found a little ticket stuck to the side of the tunnel way with blood. It was a counter stub to a place called, Otto's Loans. A fairly clear thumb print was also on the ticket. Once we got back to the hub we could investigate the print some more.

The detectives had done a little digging into the two gangers, Marley and Monroe. Turns out that they were Itochi gang members. So maybe not the nicest people in the world but not the worst either.

We finished up our crime scene investigation. I mean there is only so much time you can spend sensiblby desecrating corpses. (And retain any sanity. Ahem.)

Before we went over to Otto's Loans we did a quick search to see what the deal was with him. Real name Reginald Marsh, been caught dealing with stolen goods in the past but not a real terror.

We arrive at the place and the roller shutters are still down. OJ wants to blast a hole in them but I thougth maybe the local acrology security guards might have a way we can get in. I go and speak to the guard and there is a back entrance through the fire escape passageways. He lets me in and then he and John go and start looking at the security feeds from the CCTV.

Aya and I are slowly entering the shop via the back door when we hear a slight ticking noise. Unfortunately the sounds we are making as we try and 'sneak' our way in are a bit load. Drebin is not too impressed. He is like a ghost, gliding through the shelves. Ha, whatever. One of us hits the light switch which kind of draws us to the thing hanging from the ceiling. What a gory mess. It seems that Mr Marsh is no longer with us. He had been slashed like the death of a thousand cuts. Not a pretty sight. I feel a little weak at the kness but otherwise fine.

I called the police but of course we needed to investigate the crime scene. The body. Well it had been tied in a manner very similar to the two Nazzadi. The wrists had the same sort of bruises and abrasions consistent with being tied up. There were also burn marks on Marsh's body. Some wires and electrical equipment had been used to do a full torture routine on Marsh.

We all came in and had a good look round. The computer system that Marsh used was in the back of the shop and with a little effort we found the item that Marley and Monroe had brought in and sold. My blood ran like ice through my viens. A bloody Deep One needler gun. Visions of my old professor from college went spinning through my mind. What was going on? The only part of the shop that showed any sign of tampering was one cabinet. The number of the item matched that of the gun the two Nazzadi had sold. The trouble was the door had been simply ripped off it's hinges. We had found all the keys but whatever had come looking for the gun was strong enough to open the cabinet with it's bear hands. My hands kind of shook when I realised that a Deep One had been in the shop.

Sharp eyed OJ spotted a single finger print on the door to the cabinet. Appart from that the scene was clinically clean. Appart from the blood and evicera from the body. Ulp.

There was not much else to see in the shop so we tried to work out how the Deep One had gained access. The heavy rains from the Rapine Storm had put so much water into the system that the maintenance area was over a meter deep in water. Drebin and OJ had a quick swim but the sheer size of the area and the coldness of the water prevented any real investigation.

So we went back to the The Basement and ran the two Nazzadi through the computer. They were there but nothing really flags up until we try and investigate, Marley. His file is restricted access. The others chicken out and I am landed with going to Agent Smith to ask if we can have access to the file. He asks us to give him five minutes. On the dot of five minutes the file is cleared so that we can see it. Turns out that Marley is a deep cover government opperative. Very weird. But this might explain why he had Aya's number. She will not confirm or deny anything but there is a look on her face. She knew something.

The ticket with the fingerprint was put into the computer. It matched the one found at the crime scene. How about that? The computer also found a match to an open crime report. We had to go and search through the paper(!?!?!) records to find it. So that is an old case. In fact almost one hundred years old. Deep Ones can live quite a long time.

The old case dealt with a Frank Marsh who disappeared from his home and about the only thing found was a single finger print. The same as ours. Hmm. The same Deep One?