Enemy Within - Session 6

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After meeting the sinister Councillor Teugen, the gang (minus Seib and Fritz) went to meet mr majeerius at the golden trout. They got along so well that they came home with him. and walked him to his door. The Maitre D on the other hasnd was not a genial companion particularly to Grom.

Arriving in the Adel ring, they considered whether it might be polite to drop in on Mr Teugen but first went back to the boat to get supplies of rope, oil and weapons that they hadn't had taken to the Golden Trout. On the way to the boat, Johan and Ludo were accosted by a group of Stevedores who threatened to duff them up if they interested themselves in Councillor Teugen and the ORder Septinarius. Grom who was keeping lookout back at the mansion saw a sinister winged creature (bird bat or Teugen, it was never resolved what) fly into it. On the basis that dealing with winged demons might be easier during the day, they returned to the beerbelly to get 40 winks before planning to raid the house the next day.

Priscilla went into the sewers to scout out a possible under route to the Teugen Cellar/Chaos temple whilst the rest of the gang tried to rustle up some muscle for the raid but not especially successfully. Ludo tried to persuade a rival merchant family to lend guards to the effort on the basis that they would take out a trade rival but the canny wastelanders seeing that the ludo was going in whatever they did decided to remain perched on the fence. Johan hit the books and tried to gather some clerical types for a holy war. Unfortunately the Myrmidian's were to cowardly to be convinced to fight against Chaos and the majority of the Sigmarites and Ulricistas had been jailed for brawling the night before. Erik priest of Ulric agreed to fight and blessed Johan's weapon but ended up getting arrested for a drunken incident in the tavern on the way there. Thinking that the Dwarf beer tent might be populated by the sort of lowlife scum who would help clean up the town on the Steinharger payroll, he stumbled upon just the gang of tough hardbitten mercenaries he was looking for. Fortunately, before he explained the plan in too much detail, he noticed they were wearing the device of the Teugen's and changed tack. PRiscilla did not find a way into the Teugen Mansion but did stumble upon a literal den of theives. After arguing with them over her right to roam the sewrers, she vowed to come back and set their door on fire. It had been a while since anything had been set alight after all.

Shrortly before the raid on the Teugen Household, Mr Majirius popped up again with a mystery note asking that they atend his house. As it was on the way, the gang headed in only to be framed for his murder by a chaos serving boy. Before Fleeing through the garden to escape a remarkably efficient detachment of watchmen, a note was located in the study about other cultists. Using the Sewers the gang evaded detection.

One useful lead was that in his own blood, MR Majeerius had written WHSE 13 (or 17) On the basis that this might be the location of the chaos sacrifice that sunset, The gang Scouted out the locations, ludo climbing from roof to roof in order to spot guards who were out looking for them all.

In the end the gang let themselves into warehouse 13 after Ludo got in via the roof. They hid among some crates of liquor and waited till the sacrifice began. At the Critical moment they sprang out and attacked. Gideon turned out to be soem sort of demon who transfixed them and flug fire at the crates causing a massive explosion. Although they were not able to stop the ritual, the chaos caused by the melee was sufficient to cause the Dark Power to take Teugen into a portal as the price for his failing. Unfortunately, in the confusion, they were left holding the drugged lady in the bag and had to flee as guards came to try to investigate the warehouse blaze. With teugen no longer available as a fall guy and the rest of the order cultists escaped the gang decided not to hang about and explain the circumstances. Teugen wasn't available to confess and they were worried that they might get the blame for the murder of majeeirus, the fire and they payroll heist in the absence of a bad guy so simply ran for the boat.