Enemy Within - Session 4

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The party finally arrived at Bogenhaven just in time for the Schaffenfest.

Wandering around the Festival, each character got a chance to further explore their inner depths: Gromm discovered that he was as good at boxing as an Elf Lady, but less so than a carnival boxer. Ludo discovered that fortune tellers aren't always easy to understand.

Johann somehow managed to win a fortune betting on jousting (on an accumulator he claimed but he couldn't remember the riders he bet on) And Fritz helped him negotiate prices with an armourer. Sieb got a tatoo and priscilla bought some fancy herbalist equipment from a lady who seemed to want to get to know Ludo much better.

The gang were hired to track an escaped three legged goblin from the Travelling freak show of master Malthusius. After literally hours of splashing through sewers they found some of him. In a makeshift temple to some dark god that had been recently set up in the sewers.

A winged dog demon attacked the party. Priscilla and Johann defeated the beast while Ludo tried to drag Sieb back into the sewer and Fritz tactically retreated to check there were no cultists sneaking up on them. For the second time that day Gromm was beaten to a challenge by Priscilla: He muttered something about needing to check a bootlace before he charged - the elf wasn't braver she was just careless.

Getting to the surface again, the gang discovered that somebody had already claimed the goblin reward. Gromm and Fritz tried to investigate the circumstances of the reward payment; was this work of a con man or something more sinister? Were town officials trying to hide something or just trying to get out of paying up?

Sieb went back into the sewers and discovered the temple had been removed and the cast iron cupboard everyone had wanted to open was emptied. There were more mysteries afoot. Was the encircled pentagram removed by a greedy scrap metal dealer or was there something more sinister afoot?

Whose fine silk handkerchief embroidered FS had been left in the temple? Was it Franz Steinharger? Was the order of Septimarius a charitable institution or something darker? Why had they bothered to free that idiot dwarf from the cage? Will Town officials continue to make Gromm wait? Would Fritz be able to get more information from the merchant guild?