Enemy Within - Session 3

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As the party is making their way by barge upriver towards Bogenhafen and the Schaffenfest the weather begins to worsen, the party plough on however hoping that it will let up but things don't go according to plan. The owner of the boat (Josef i think) doesn't spot a large floating log in the canal and plows right into it, one sickening screech later and it becomes apparent that the boat is badly damaged and will require considerable work.

So the party arrive at the next town in order to undergo some repairs. As the boat approaches the dock the bounty hunter and suspected murderer of the 2 purple hand "cultists" is spotted at the door of an inn. he quickly ducks inside and the players follow. once inside there is no sign of the bounty hunter but the players know he's in town.

Ludo chats with the barman to try and get some info on the town and finds out that there has been a grisly murder recently and that the body is at the local shrine. the group splits with the humans, the halfling and the dwarf deciding going to the shrine while Priscilla heads back to the barge.

On the way to the shrine Seib is approached and a grubby urchin hands him a mysterious note. apparently the urchin has been instructed to give the note to someone matching Seib's description once they arrive in town. the note details a house that is at Seib's dopplegangers disposal and a macabre tale relating to Kislev, chaos and a son displaying one or more possible Chaos taints.

Ludo heads back to the boat and the others head to the shrine, at the shrine they find out that there is in fact 2 bodies and that they have both been violently torn apart.

After some discussion the humans and the dwarf head to the derelict part of town where the house is located. after a couple of futile attempts to get the occupiers of the house to react they decide to regroup and venture into the house in the morning. As they leave Seib looks back and is struck by an invisible blow and blacks out.

Next day the group returns better equipped to explore the house. The yard is overgrown with strange grass and putrid mould that gives of spores if disturbed. the house seems to be completely empty and all the rooms on the ground floor seem to have been untouched for a long time and covered in fungus and weakened by rotting damp.

In a room at the back of the house a body is found sitting in a chair and the players assume that it is the author of the note given to Seib.

Satisfied that the ground floor is clear the players ascend to the first floor. this floor is in even worse condition and the only encounter of note is when confronted by a stuffed bear the party are convinced it will come alive and set about it with melee weapons, all that this results in is the party being covered in juicy maggots that have made the bear their home. nasty stuff.

The adventurers come across a door sealed by a pentagram so Seib destroys it with his trusty sledgehammer to be on the safe side and the players procede to the attic.

As they enter the attic and begin to explore the mould on the floor and ceiling begins to coalesce to form a monstrous shape, it appears that the son is alive and well after all transformed into a gruesome chaos spawn of considerable size and strength. A furious melee ensues with Seib, Gromm and Fritz charging the beast while Ludo and Priscilla provide ranged support. Several of the characters are badly wounded before Gromm deals the creature a death blow.

The adventurers, bruised and battered, make their way back to the barge only to find their troubles are not over for the day. 3 thugs for hire have the owner and other passengers hostage on board. Seib being the least injures sneaks on board and begins negotiating with the thugs who quickly begin to realise that they might be in over their heads. Suddenly the bounty hunter from the pub before appears on the roof and begins to fire his crossbow clipping Seib. Ludo and Gromm return fire with Gromm scoring a glancing head shot, sending the bounty off the back of the roof. Their last hope for victory, gone the thugs decide that surrender is their best option. They prove to have no pertninent info for the players and were only in it for the money. The owner of the barge roughs them up a bit before tossing them in to the canal.

With their boat now fixed and the knowledge that another chaos minion has been dispatched the players set sail looking forward to a bit of R&R at the Schaffenfest in Bogenhafen: What could possibly go wrong...