Enemy Within - Session 10

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Dodgy Dealings in Delberz

Grom and Isla went on a drinking binge to celebrate the death of Piotr and were belowdecks at the start of last weeks episode.

After being purplehanded by two mysterious strangers at the docks, johann set off in pursuit but was unable to catch them and in the end the Queen of the Reik just sailed off. It was nice to leave a town voluntarily.

On the river to Weissbruck we encountered some noble pirates who fortunately for them had the good sense not to try and board us and sailed into Altdorf almost literally - Priscilla's docking was a little 'hollywood' for the harbour master who tried to charge us well over the odds.

After unloading our cargo for a nice profit, we tried to mingle with the merchant elite of Altdorf but they were unfortunately not keen to give away any trading secrets. Johann and Priscilla had dinner at the inn while ludo and Tara tried to chat to merchant princes about striking riches in the riverboating trade. Although they had left their things at the inn, Priscilla and johann returned to the Queen of the Reik to check it was ok and when an eerie fog rolled in decided to hunker down. Something sinister was out their and they thought the boat would be the safest place to wait out the night.

while priscilla and Johann were wondering whether to wake up Grom and isla and were pulling in the gangplank, Tara heard a knock knock knocking on the inn door and left her room to investigate. She arrived downstairs just in time to see a zombie pirate kill the landlord and ran to the kitchen, as she later claimed to find a cleaver. Ludo bravely took to the roof and hid behind a chimney whilst Priscilla and Johann hearing their friend in trouble rushed back to the inn. Bam Sock Pow.

The next a sisnister iron plate with eldritch runes was found in their belongings. Thinking it might be something to do with the undead horde, we took it to the temple of Morr where the nice priest confirmed that it was indeed an unholy device used to attract undead. he would take it off our hands. he also mentioned in passing that Adolfus Kustoff had interupted and killed a group of students from the university who were involved in a rite of summoning at the graveyard. Although the priest of Morr Clearly believed Dolly to be a good guy we were less sure. The students had no reason to put an undead beacon in our rooms and the ones we had seen had seemed like harmless if rowdy sorts. Did Dolly try to conduct a rite that was interuppted by revellign students? That seemed at least as plausible.

We decided to seek the counsel of Hieronymus Bosch who had been advetrtising for a gang of adventurers and might be able to tel us a bit about the ways of cultists and suggest where we could go to get to the bottom of the links between the purple hand and the events in Bogenhafen so headed upstream to Delberz carrying a cargo for another merchant who wanted stuff sent up there.

Hieronymus offered us some counsel individually and asked us to get him some minotaur bits.

Elsewhere in the old world, The Electors of Talabecland and ostland are shaping up to go to war or soemthing as Talabecland is rumoured to have had a hand in the fatal ending to Grand Prince Tasserink's expidition and some electors are unhappy about the emperors wheeze about having a line of beacons erected to warn of invasions from the chaos wastes in the north. Whether due to evilness or awkwardness, Lord Dammenblatz who sicced assassins on us is one of them. Also The crown prince of the empire may or may not be being kept in 'protective custody' by his dad.