City Life Pt.1

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The Companions have returned to the present, although a year has passed. After an audience with King Thrommel, where they also receive rewards for their endeavours, the group are given lodgings in the home of Mizaab Zalen, a long-time friend of the King. Although Zalen is absent, his two retainers, Bertrand and Wilson make the party comfortable in the mansion, allowing the Companions to relax.

The King visits the following day and explains that their experience with the Cult and the Tooth of the Abyss has made them eminently qualified to root out and eliminate the Cult. It has also made them a target, and Thrommel's Captain of the Guard, Lyle Edwards stations guards outside the house. The King wants the group to become his "Flying Squad" in that respect. The group also hear a number of other events in the Kingdom, from Master Grey, the Kings functionary (and likely a spy of high ranking). In a dusty monotone, Master Grey brings the group up to date on events in Volkrania: of plain fires near Taldan, riots in Tagraad, unprovoked attacks by animals in The Dimwood, attacks by undead on caravans from Hammerfall Pass, and the murder of town worthies in Farsden. Some of the group speculate that these events may be related, a view shared by the King.

The group decides to set a trap, using a fake Tooth of the Abyss as bait. Master Grey believes that the group would force the Cult of Demogorgon to act to retrieve their "holy" relic if the Companions were to auction if off as part of a sale of goods...

However, that night proves eventful. While Hilda Ungart and Issaria Snowleaf decide to try and investigate Zalen's private quarters which proves very tough, Damien Kross retires to Zalen's extensive library with a drink, where he encounters three Unseelie Fey: Big Red Tony, Almost Andy, and Dictionary Dave. They are raiding the larder and are ostensibly there to observe Kross, sent by the Fey Queen of Air and Darkness. However, their conversation is cut short when they sense the approach of something that they do not want to meet.

It seems that the Cult may have already made its move and has sent two Babau Tanar'ri, demon assassins from the Abyss, to kill the Companions and seize the dagger for their master. A furious battle ensures, with most of the Companions fighting without their armour, but eventually they prevail against the fiends.

At this point, Mizaab Zalen returns and the group attempts to explain their presence in his home. Fortunately Lyle Edwards arrives, and resolves the situation. The bodies of Bertrand and Wilson are found later, along with one of the two guards.mThe door was unlocked and the other guard is missing. Lyle Edwards surmises that the bodies were killed by someone they know as they were all killed by a single blow from a sword.

Edwards curses and blames Danil Edgars, the missing guard, for the deaths. He never felt that he could trust Edgars; he believes Edgars was a better swordsman than he made out, toying with the other guards when they sparred. Edgar's description: a tall man with twin scars on his face and a black crown tattoo on his right hand, remind Issaria of one of her captors when she was held in captivity by the forces of The Master...