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Aya Brea was born in Edinburgh on October 5th 2060 . She is of mixed ethnicity, her father, Jack Brea a journalist of Sottish descent, her mother Mariko was Japanese. She has Asian facial features, such as the shape of her face and eyes, while possessing the more European blue eyes colour and fair blonde hair. She had a sister named Anna Brea who, along with her mother, died in the bombings around December 2073. As a young woman Aya studied criminology at the Edinburgh University. She later joined the FSB. On December 2080, Aya went to a theatre in the Leith district, During the performance a faceless winged creatures rampage killing many of the audience and stage actor before truing on Aya, The horror of the thing as well as her own will to survive forced her latent Para-Psychic to erupted into being crating a fire storm around her, this fire storm disintegrated everything around her as well as the winged horror. It took months of therapy to recover from this ordeal as well as weeks of tests by the government on her psychic powers. Felling that her new powers will be best used by Section 13 the FSB transfer her to them.

Do they have family members?

Of her parents only her father is sill lives as a journalist for one of news channels. Her only sibling died in the bombings. She has other family around but have no real contact with them.

Are they married and /or have kids?

She is not married, and has no kids, but she does wont to one day.

Is their home life good/bad?

She has a good life has a small number of good friends who helped her during her time adjusting to having Para-Psychic powers. Her needs are little and she has a love for Italian food. Her hobbles are bored games for the traditional to the less so as well as a love for opera and music.

Where do they live?

In the Leith district in a small 2 bedroom home not to far from the shore area,

Who are their significant contacts outside S13?

Rupert Dollis was one of Aya Brea's partner wean she was still a FSB Agent, he is a hard working man and most of Aya know about being a FSB Agent is thinks to him and Daniel. Rupert daughter was killed during bombings.

Daniel Broderick is a veteran detective of the FSB. Daniel is Aya Brea's other partner. Daniel serves as a supporting role for the Aya, giving her encouraging words of experience while he attempts to function with the terms of his divorce and the eventual death of his ex-wife. Aya considered both him and Rupert to be "stubborn, but with hearts of gold".

Pierce Carradine is in charge of FSB training area as well as being on the FSB research team. He will often help Aya with information that she needs.

Jodie Bouquet considers Aya to be a dear friend and Aya like ways see her as such as well.. She runs the weapon depot alone. She always tries to give Aya advice and will complain about how certain ammo only belongs with certain guns and whoever doesn't know she doesn't like.